Christmas Reads

With Christmas round the corner, I thought of getting into the spirit by reading a few books although I don’t celebrate. In fact, November already means Christmas with all the decorations already put up and Christmas songs playing everywhere. Although it’s already time to be in the Christmas mood, I’ll only be starting mine a few days before the actual day with my reading.

I’ve selected 3 books to read this Christmas, 2 are Christmas themed and 1 is a fairytale.

The first book is The Christmas Shoes by Donna Vanliere. It’s the first book of the Christmas Hope series. I’ve not read any Christmas books before so I’m excited to hop onto my first Christmas book ever.

The second book is the second book of the Christmas Hope series, The Christmas Blessing. There are actually 8 books in the series, so I think it will take me a few years of Christmas to read them all.

The last book is the fairytale book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I actually had this book in my Halloween reads but as expected I didn’t get to read it during Halloween. In fact, my Halloween reads were a failure. I had 3 books too but managed to finish only 1 book and what’s worst is I finished that book this month. So this time I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get into this book as I want to get through the 2 Christmas books first.

By starting a few days before the actual Christmas day, I’ll definitely be reading these books into the new year. With all my TBR lists, I always have a poetry book but this time I didn’t include a poetry book because I couldn’t find a Christmas poetry book or any suitable for this holiday season, so I have 3 novels instead.

I’m definitely excited for this Christmas reads since I’ve never read Christmas books before and it’s something different from my usual reads.

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