September & A Yearathon Wrap Up

The theme for September’s A Yearathon is standalone but instead of one week, I went with the standalone theme for the whole month and I named it Standalone September. I have 3 books in my TBR for Standalone September but sadly, I didn’t manage to finish reading any of them.

I was reading actively during the first week when the A Yearathon was happening from 4 to 10 September. After the readathon, I went into a little reading slump. I did read but not everyday and there were a few consecutive days that I didn’t read at all. I got out of the reading slump on the last week of the month and was actively reading with the hope to finish at least one book but I didn’t succeed.

I started off with The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West on the first week during the A Yearathon. I’ve always mention that I read 2 books consecutively with one being a novel and the other a poetry book. The Fill-in Boyfriend was the novel so when I felt I needed to take a break from the novel, I started reading the poetry book, Ask Me How I got Here by Christine Heppermann, in the middle of the month. I’m halfway through The Fill-in Boyfriend and almost finishing Ask Me How I got Here so I should be able to finish reading both books this month.

For the last book in my TBR, Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter, I definitely didn’t read it at all. As mention in the TBR post, I’m already halfway through this book which I’ve been struggling to get through and will only be continuing it after I’ve finish The Fill-in Boyfriend. The plan will still go on and I’ll be continuing this book after I’ve finish The Fill-in Boyfriend. Seems like October will be a catching up month because I’ve already got 3 books in my currently reading list and I don’t want to overwhelm myself with a huge list by starting a new book.

As with all challenges and readathons that I’ve participated, I don’t do well. As mentioned in the TBR post, I was going to take it easy and go with the flow of my mind and mood which I totally did. When the reading slump happened, I went along with it and didn’t force myself to get out of it. Although I’ve not succeeded in any challenge or readathon, I’ll still continue to do them because I believe one day I will succeed!

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