Why I Only Read Physical Books

Although ebooks and audiobooks are getting increasingly popular, I still only read physical books. Ebooks and audiobooks don’t appeal to me at all.

I have an ebook on my phone but gave up reading it after a few pages. It’s not about the book but the format of the book. I’m still excited about that title of the book and will be getting a physical copy of it to continue reading. At first I thought maybe my phone is too small to be reading a book but after giving it more thought, I feel that I don’t like ebook. I feel the need to be holding an actual book when I’m reading, flipping the paper instead of swiping the pages on the screen.

Audiobooks isn’t for me because my attention span to listening is very short. It’s the same as music. Whenever I listen to music, I will fully listen to the first track and maybe a little into the second track before shutting off. Even though the song is still playing, my mind wanders off into other thoughts and I don’t hear anything. I will get back into the music but by that time, it will already be either next track or the track after the next, meaning I didn’t listen to a full song.

Relating this to audiobooks, I may listen to a part of the story then shut off with my mind wandering into other thoughts and when I get back into listening, I would have missed parts of the story and not get the full flow of the story.

Currently I only have a small shelf of books but it’s already full and I’ll definitely need more space soon. Most of my books are new since I only started buying more books last year but a few that I’ve had for years have turned yellow. I used to borrow lots of books from the library before I started buying them. Although I buy most of my books now, I still do borrow a few from the library because of money and space reasons.

I don’t know if few months down the road or even a year later, I’ll be open to ebooks and audiobooks because people change and likings change all the time but for now, it’s only physical books and making more shelf space for books.

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