5 Authors I Want To Read

There are a few authors whose books I’ve never read before, expect one but I’ve only read one out of the many books, and I want to get into reading them! Here are 5 authors that I’m excited to start reading their books.

1. Kasie West

I’ve seen so much about her books on social media and I want to read her books. I’ve one of her books, The Fill-in Boyfriend which I just bought and featured it in my recent haul post that I’m very excited to get started on reading! I’ve also got a few of her other books on my To Be Read list such as P.S I Like You, By Your Side and the Pivot Point series.

2. Rainbow Rowell

Another author whose books I’ve been seeing all around social media especially Fangirl that some people have a few copies of. I definitely want to read Fangirl which is on my To Be Read list and a few of the other books that I’ve got on that list are Landline and Eleanor and Park.

3. John Green

Author of The Fault in Our Starts which I’ve watched the movie and also have the book that’s been on my shelf for years. I’ve always thought of reading the book but just never got into it. Other of his books that I want to read are Let It Snow and Paper Towns.

4. Cecelia Ahern

I’ve never read her books before although I own one of them, If You Could See Me Now. I’ve had this book for years and although I do have thoughts of reading it, I just never got into it. Besides this book that I own, there are other of her books that I want to read as well, such as P.S I Love You, Thanks for the Memories and the Flawed series.

5. Sophie Kinsella

This is an author that I actually want to read more of. I’ve read the first book of her Shopaholic series, Confessions of a Shopaholic, 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve not read any of her books although I’ve thought of reading. I’ve got lots of her books on my To Be Read list, mainly the Shopholic series and also a few standalones such as Can You Keep a Secret, Twenties Girl and I’ve Got Your Number. Her newest book published this year, My Not So Perfect Life, is currently not on my To Be Read list but I do want to read that as well.

As mentioned, these are the 3 books that I have on my shelf and I’m hoping to start reading them soon. I don’t have any of Rainbow Rowell and Sophie Kinsella books yet but those are on my wishlist and I hope to get them soon. The first book of the Shophaholic series that I’ve read was borrowed from the library. Despite the excitement to get all these books, I’m holding back on buying books until I’ve read most of what’s on my shelf including the 3 that I already have from this want to read authors. Maybe this can be a motivation for me to read more and decrease the number on my increasing TBR!

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