First Book Haul

I used to borrow most of the books from the library but being a slow reader, I can’t keep up with the due dates and always have to keep reborrowing. Each loan lasts 3 weeks and can only be renewed once which makes it a total of 6 weeks but even with 6 weeks, I couldn’t finish reading. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find another book of the same title to continue reading. Buying wasn’t an option and I seldom buy books because it’s expensive.

When I found out about Book Depository at the end of last year, I was stunned by it’s price. For the price of a book at the physical store, I could buy 2 or even 3 from Book Depository! That’s when I started buying books which made this book haul post possible.

Even with Book Despository, I still don’t buy often and do borrow a few from the library because it’s still expensive. Although the books are at a cheaper price and there’s free shipping, it still adds up to a lot! Since I do take quite awhile to read those books as a slow reader, I’m prevented from buying books often which is an advantage. So finally half a year later, I’ve collated enough books to do a haul post.

I bought a total of 7 books the past half a year. Not all are from Book Depository though, 5 are and 2 are from a physical store at an acceptable price for me. Since it’s been half a year, I’ve finished reading a few of them.

I like to read 2 books concurrently because it keeps me motivated to keep reading everyday and not be overwhelm by a book. For the 2 books, 1 will be a novel and the other will be a poetry book. For this haul, I’ve got 4 poetry books.

Love and Misadventure – Lang Leav
Lullabies – Lang Leav
Dirty Pretty Things – Michael Faudet
The Weight of Water – Sarah Crossan

I’ve finished reading 2 of them, coincidentally both are by Lang Leav and I’m currently reading The Weight of Water.

The poetry books are the only ones I’ve read because I do have other novels on my currently reading list that I’m still trying to get over which is why I’ve only bought 2 novels that I’m very excited to read. Maybe I should read these 2 new ones first before going back into those that I’ve been struggling to read.

Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins
The Fill-in Boyfriend – Kasie West

I’ve mention 6 books and the final book is a classic, Alice Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This is the book that’s from a physical store along with Anna and the French Kiss. I’ve not read classics before but I want to get into it and have a few that’s on my to be read list.

I’m not sure when my next haul will be although I’m hoping for another haul this year. As much as I want to buy more books because there’s so many that I’m excited to read, I’m holding back till I’ve read most that’s on my shelf. Maybe this can be a motivation for me to read faster!

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