30 Day Reading Challenge & A Yearathon Wrap Up

This is an extremely late post about the 30 Day Reading Challenge and the A Yearathon with the theme of Reread that I did in May. I had 5 books in my TBR but I only managed to finish reading 2. In fact, I was already halfway into 1 of the 2 books before I started the challenge so it’s 1 and a half!

I started the 30 Day Reading Challenge on 2 May while participating in the A Yearathon for that month which was from 1 to 7 May. I was doing well for the first week with the A Yearathon. I had 2 books in my plans for the Reread theme of the a Yearathon.

The 2 books are the first and second book of the Pink Locker Society series by Debra Moffitt, Only Girls Allowed and Best Kept Secret. I’ve read these books a few years ago but I didn’t read the last book of this 4 books series at that time and I’ve been thinking of reading the last book, so I’ll be rereading the first 3 books as a refresher to the storyline before going into the last book.

Of course I started with the first book, Only Girls Allowed, and was reading more pages a day than I usually would. My aim was to finish this book before the A Yearathon ended on 7 May and get started with the second book of the series, Best Kept Secret. I didn’t managed to finish it before 7 May, the last day of the readathon, but at least I finished it on the last day itself.

I started the second book, Best Kept Secret, on the last day of the A Yearthon right after I finished the first book, Only Girls Allowed. Although the A Yearathon was over, my 30 Day Reading Challenge was still ongoing and I continued reading this book in the second week which was when the reading slump strikes. From skipping a day of reading to reading 2 books concurrently, I ended up not reading for almost a week.

After almost a week of not reading, I did go back into this book in the middle of the third week and read 2 books concurrently throughout the remaining days with a few days of not reading. As much as I’ve tried to force myself to read, I didn’t manage to finish this book during the challenge.

This poetry book, Lullabies by Lang Leav, is what I was reading concurrently with Best Kept Secret. This was the book that I was already halfway into before starting the challenge, so I was determined to finish it during this 30 Day Reading Challenge which made up the 1 and half or 2 books out of the 5 that I managed to finish reading for the challenge.

Since I was already halfway into Lullabies, I included another poetry book in my TBR, The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan, that I planned to start reading after finishing Lullabies. Although there was only half the book left for Lullabies, I managed to finish reading that only at the end of the 30 Days due to my reading slump. So I did get to start reading this book at all.

The final book in my TBR was the second book of the Autumn Falls series by Bella Thorne, Autumn’s Kiss, which I’ve read a little and planned to go full force into reading after I’ve finish Best Kept Secret. Since I didn’t finish Best Kept Secret, so obviously I didn’t read this book at all.

It’s such a bummer that I had to go into a reading slump at not even halfway through the 30 days. Sometimes, mood just changes at the unexpected times. I’ll definitely be doing this 30 Day Reading Challenge again and hopefully make it a success in my third try. I did a month long readathon in March this year which was a failure due to my hectic work schedule that month, so fingers cross my next challenge will be a success!

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