All The Short Ones Readathon & Borrowathon Wrap Up

I originally thought that with a month long readathon, I can read more but I was wrong. I failed badly in these readathons considering the fact that the books had less than 300 pages which was the requirement for the All The Short Ones readathon.

These are the 3 books I planned to read for the 2 readathons. I actually aimed to finish reading For One More Day by mid March, just in time to start Autumn’s Kiss for Borrowathon that was from 19 to 26 March. Although I did go to the library to borrow the book, I eventually didn’t participate in Borrowathon because I couldn’t finish For One More Day.

My greatest dissappointment is that I couldn’t even finish For One More Day in March but I’ve finished it already in the first few days of April. For the record, I was almost finishing For One More Day, about halfway into Lullabies and didn’t start Autumn’s Kiss at the end of the readathons.

Since I’ve already borrowed Autumn’s Kiss, I’ve started reading it a few days back after I finally finished For One More Day.

I suppose my failure in these readathons was due to my hectic work. I didn’t expect to be working the full month in March but I did and that made me exhausted everyday when I got home from work in the evening. Since I’m exhausted, I don’t have the energy and alertness to do anything else after work. I did try to read every night but I couldn’t read much and on some days I couldn’t even read. There were a few days when I had to work only half day and I managed to get more reading done but that wasn’t enough to make up for the days I couldn’t read.

March might have been the wrong month for me to do readathons and focus on reading, so I’m considering doing a month long reading challenge and read everyday when my work gets less hectic. Hopefully I’ll experience a drastic difference in reading when I have less commitments as compared to when I’ve hectic work and other commitments.

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