My First Readathon: Bookentine

I particpated in the Bookentine Readathon hosted by Tea & Titles and it’s my first readathon. I’ve been on a reading slump recently for at least the past month. I started a book about 2 months ago while I was on cruise vacation after finishing a book. I read a few pages of the book totalling to one chapter and abit into the second chapter before ending up completely not reading for at least a month. During that month, I’ve been wanting to read and I knew I needed a move on with the book but I just wasn’t picking up the book to read, not even any other books. Then I decided readathon was the solution to get me back into reading.

The Bookentine Readathon perfectly fitted into the date I thought of joining a readathon and the book I’m currently reading which is Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter.

I like having a drink, mainly coffee or tea, while reading. This was at home but I also enjoy going out to cafes for coffee or tea while reading.

Bookentine was from 13 to 20 February and since I was still at the beginning of the book on the first day, I gave myself an aim to have read at least half of the book by the time the readathon ends. That is 150 out of the 352 pages. However, I failed to accomplish this goal and I’m only at slightly more than 100 pages. I’m a slow reader so I wasn’t aiming to finish the book considering that I’ve been on a reading slump and the number of pages of this book but I’m glad to be reading more than usual and getting rid of my reading slump. I was reading everyday throughout the readathon.

Readathon’s are definitely a great way to stay motivated to read and I’ll be participating in more readathons in the coming months. That’s with hopes to read more and get more books out of my to-read list on Goodreads.

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